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If you know of any news, or would  like to share your thoughts about street food in Montreal, here’s how you can contact me:


Twitter: @streetfoodmtl

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Sadala March 29, 2012 at 11:34 AM


Your blog is great by the way.

I would like very much to have some input about food street in Montreal.
I sepnt the last year just looking around the corner tying to find a way hoe to avoide the problems surounding the legislation of street food, no way man, nothing …

Please if you have some news could you please post me an e-mail ???

Thanks alot, we re many looking forward to change Montreal into a great city of innovation in culinary business…




Josh Hus May 4, 2012 at 9:22 AM

Hey there,
My names Josh Hus, and I am from the mighty London Ontario.
I have worked in restaurants my whole life and am a total foody.
I’ve been to Vancouver, New York, Chicago, LA and so many other cool cities. Ive eaten in some of the best best food in the holes in the wall to street vendors to fine dinning.
My girlfriend and I are making our way up to Montreal for the may long weekend (18-22) and I was really hoping to find some cool places to eat!
I wa really looking forward to eating some good ol street meat, but I heard (and read) that there is no street vender food carts!!!!
Is this actually true!??? It’s unbelievable if it is.
There has got to be a place to pick up a hot dog, Montreal smoked meat sandwich or something!!!!

Anyways, I was hoping you could point me in the direction of some cool places to eat.
We’re trying out Joe Beef and Pied de Cochon (duck in a can….yes please)

I’d like to stop in somewhere for lunch an have an amazing Montreal smoked meat sandwich! Maybe some unbelievable Montreal bagels (I lived in Vancouver for 3 years and survived off seagulls bagels – owners from Montreal).
What about bars? I’m a huge fan of micro brews and small kool little pubs!

Anyways, thanks for your help!
Look forward to checking out your scene!


Vahe Dzaghgouni June 6, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Hi Dustin,

I would like to thank you for your interesting blog. I’ve read many of your articles and I appreciate your efforts in bringing Montreal street food under the spotlight. As a street food business operator myself, I’m exposed to the overwhelming demand for quick & delicious meals everyday.

As I extend my gratitude for your work, I would also like to extend my support for any future projects that may expand the “street food” cause in our city. Keep it up!

Best Regards,

Vahe Dzaghgouni
Buns Hamburger House


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